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GE2316 Computing Snapshot, Today and Tomorrow


2019/20 SEM B 2019/20 SEM B 2019/20 SEM B
今個SEM轉咗Professor 所以以前評價已不可信
内容包括5G, Cloud Computing, AI, Neural Network, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Clustering, Recommendation System, Text Mining等等
已經脱離DSE ICT同CS1102範圍

Exam 30%
其餘70%如下(總共100% 自己乘返Proportion)
1* Show and Sell (Group 10min) 10%
*Additional Show and Sell *Bonus Max 5%
Individual Assignment (Presentation - PPT/Video/Animation 15min) 15%
In-class Quiz (每堂落堂有幾題要答 最後Midterm後所有In-class Quiz Group做一個大Quiz Test 2 Week 12考) 45%
Midterm (Test 1) 15%
Project Report 15% (4-6 pages 唔可以撞自己組Show and Sell題目)

你冇睇錯 呢科係一科GE
先唔好計Workload (Individual Assignment*1 + Group Assignment*2-3 + In-class Quiz*5 + Test*2 + Exam)
入面内容仲唔係只係背Terms 仲有計數(Clustering, Recommendation System等等)
由於實在太Technical CB CLASS未必可以跟到
中間亦發生因為Test 及課堂太深(Deep Learning, Machine Learning等等)而大批學生喺Zoom Chat希望Professor可以減少Technical嘢 簡單啲 唔好當EE堂教

雖然攞A(CB) 但有上面嗰堆嘢底
再加上Test 1 2 Mean都算低 (Test 1 Mean 68.5 Highest 88 Lowest 36, Test 2 Mean 60.4 Highest 79 Lowest 21)
除非對自己IT Knowledge好有信心
否則非EE CS 或者DS嘅人勿揀

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