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GE2113 Reading Colonialism and The Modern Experience


Although the workload is very heavy, this course is worth to study.

I studied this course in my first year at CityU, it was hard because of the reading materials but not the interpretation processes. We had to read more than ten pieces of story/article/journal. There were more than 20 pages in each pieces of reading material. I spent most of the time in reading these materials every week since I needed to check dictionary to get their meanings. Students will be difficult to follow lectures when they have not prepared.

There were 2 quizzes, a project presentation based on a piece of reading material, a final eassy in this course. All of them cause you a lot of time, especially the presentation.

Dr Sheung is a very hard working, helpful and nice person. He tried to make lectures not to be boring and gave extremely detail interpretations and evaluations in each pieces of reading material. He also visited tutorial lessons frequently in order to listen students’ presentations and asked questions to us which I had never thought. After that, he gave useful comments to us and recommended some books to us for our further study on the topic.

Dr Sheung said that he would choose this GE course if he could only teach one course. I could really feel his heart in teaching this course.

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