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GE1307 Appreciation of Built Heritage


The course follows with a bunch of assignments indeed. And you do sense this especially when taking this course in summer sem that everything is compressed to a 7-week study period. Thus you shall be prepared to imagine how crazy and hurried the submission schedule is.

For this course in summer sem, assignments are distributed like every 2 weeks. You must always remind yourself of the submission deadlines esp for those who would spend time on part-time jobs. Luckily, classes were met every sat morning and tue night so it was as a result less disturbing. I myself didnt take jobs throughout the course. However, since we mostly work as group in the course, those who would work please be obligated to involve in group work, even though the course values the individual contribution the most.

As heard from many others who had taken this course in either sem a or sem b, this course is used to be regarded as a failure course with bad grading. Perhaps this matter owes to which tutor. Miss Kwok is actually a part-time tutor unlike Anthony. She is more easygoing, helpful and kind that she would concern if we are on the right track in finding information. Finding information in this course is definitely challenging since most the sources are of the old stuff. Much time is spent on researching for one assignment. 1 week for research, and then 3 days for combination and proofreading. Still, her lectures are a bit boring. :( Furthermore, she welcomes any innovative idea in preparing the submission report with much little emphasis on standards and requirements. In general, Miss Kwok's lesson is recommendable for those who wish to seek higher or ideal grades.

My grou, 2 girls and 2 boys counted me, are finally awarded favourable grades, 3 of us are in A-range, 1 B+!!!! See?

Don't be afraid of this course!!! Presentation is just a value-added mission to your own grades!!! Don't care of writing too much in reports!!! Just to be yourself throughout the course and be cooperative with your group mates. The MC quiz was so simple!!!

Don't know if the above is applicable to Anthony's sem a sem b classes :0) But i'm sure choosing this course in summer sem is a wise choice :D

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