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GE1217 Competition and Cooperation in Diverse Contexts


Must attend every lecture because there will be pair-up activities assigned to each single student. In-class activities are difficult, must be able to read through the case, understand the whole story without discussion/help. Boring lectures but you need to actively participate too, not easy.

Group presentation & report + Individual assignment chur die you.
Professor would ask very challenging question in the end of presentation, minimal encouragement was given :(

Then, written report is a torture. YOU WRITE A LOT, can't copy and paste. Professor dislike student with poor english, so writing with wrong structure, misspelling, or grammar mistakes will probably pull down the grade.

Finally, the exam was hard as well. WRITE A LOT again. There are so many theories and concepts that you won't be memorising them all when you need to deal with core subject exams. Even you remember some concepts, you never know what is the model answer of that question. Only by guessing, really depends on how you present your answer.

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