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GE1107 The City in Chinese History and Culture


用英文上堂,最適合文科底讀過史地嘅同學,理/商科嘅都唔使驚,內容唔算太深,但文科底的話係輕鬆好多。會有一個excursion trip,今個學期中文班去汕頭,英文班去上環、灣仔、跑馬地,要寫一份report。presentation就係揀一個中國城市 (包括港澳台)黎做,4個人一組,做完presentation (1hr,好多時間預備同consult),然後交report。讀過最開心嘅GE course,你識揀啦!

I chose the English MOI class, and this course is most suitable for those who had studied history or geography before. No need to worry if you're from the science/business stream, it's not too hard anyway. There will be an excursion trip. In this semester, the Chinese class went to Swatow, where the English class went to Sheung Wan, Wan Chai and Happy Valley. Then write a report. For the presentation part, choose one Chinese city (including HK, Macau and Taiwan) to work on, with 4 members in a group. After the presentation, work on a report. It was the happiest GE course I have ever taken, I bet you can choose on your own!

Warm reminder: You might encounter a teacher surnamed Li (for a few lessons). Unless you are very interested in ancient Nanking and Shanghai, or else please quit your class for that few lessons. Vielen langweilig!

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