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GE1333 Low Carbon Footprint - Energy Saving Practices in Everyday Life


13 堂中, 需要上ge 只有第1, 11-13 堂, 其實ge 上左都冇用, 上堂只係講notes & 播片.

Assignments 方面, WK6 左右交600 字(individual) + 1000 字(group) ge essays, 好易做, 等同吹水; WK11-13 就要交一張academic poster + 3 mins speech. 我自己就一日準備哂, 聽落幾複雜, 但做起上尼就覺得好簡單.

至於exam, 真係難, 唯一ge tip 就係背哂d notes, 係背!

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