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GE1130 Introduction to Digital Media

Assessment Tasks
  • No Examination
  • No Quiz
  • With Individual report
  • With Group project
Offering semesters
2020/21 Sem B 2020/21 Sem A 2018/19 Sem B 2017/18 Sem B 2016/17 Sem B 2015/16 Sem A 2014/15 Sem B 2013/14 Summer
Average workload
A+ (0)
A (0)
A- (3)
B+ (1)
B (1)
B- (1)
C+ (0)
C (0)
C- (0)
D (0)
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2015/16 Sem A


兩份group assignment 兩份individual assignment

group assignment係拍一條片同 整一個media裝置
拍片都還好, 一兩日搞得掂的事

完左兩份group assignment之後仲要做兩份individual assignment

做完咁大堆野都只係得B range都幾失望
利申: 條片得B但之後三份assignment都極用心做


2015/16 Sem A


2份group assignment (about 5 people in a group)
- (A-) 1份係拍一段大約5分鐘既video,主題冇限制. 會教你點用video editing 既 software 同埋借go-pro比你去拍片.
- (唔知咩Grade) 1份係整一個new media project,例如hardware device, intelligence machine, installation work, creative promotional campaign, performance.......etc.
(Strategy Documentation
Concept models
Competitive analyses/Comparsion on similiar project
Content inventories
Genre ( for installation work/performance)
User Needs Documentation
Personas/Target Audience
Design Documentation
Site map
Screen Design /Mock-Up
Schedule and Planning
Production Schedule
Venue & Floor Plan (for installation work/performance)
List of Equipment/Resources)
我地班全部都係用Makey Makey黎交功課,有教你整泡菜,教行山基本知識等等.
2份individual assignment
- 1份係exhibition reflection report, 要參觀2-3個展覽, 1個展覽寫番1份report , 有格式比你跟住黎做(會介紹展覽比你去參觀)
- 1份係design analysis, 都係有格式有sample比你跟住做,要分析1件product係good design or bad design, 再跟據佢比你既格式去分析(做2-4個products)

2015/16 Sem A


但Workload一定超重 超級浪費時間
Prototype都好浪費時間 要用電子零件整舊野出黎 又要整PPT

2014/15 Sem B


I enjoyed this course a lot, it's fun and rewarding. Compared to other GEs, this one is really different because you don't have to memorize a single word from the text, everything is on your own!

We were given 2 individual assignments and 2 group projects to work on throughout the whole semester. Individual assignments include written exhibition review (1500 words) and a design analysis. Both of them were not difficult.

In terms of group projects, the first one is a 20% video shooting task. Ryan gave us the freedom to choose the title for the video, he is also helpful in giving us valuable comments and suggestions to make our video better. Other than that, he introduced and borrowed us a lot of powerful gadgets like the GoPro Hero4 to work with the video. The overall experience is amazing, even though I just knew my groupmates for just a few weeks.

The second group project is about creating an interactive game prototype. This time we were given a topic, Chinese Traditional Culture. It doesn't matter if you don't have any engineering groupmates because Ryan is always there to help, as long as you voice out, he will give you with a lot of useful ideas and tips.

One more thing, you are allowed to present your products in any languages that Ryan understands, in cantonese, chinese or in english, which I think is really great. And most importantly, don't be a deadline fighter unless you wish to burn your grades.

2014/15 Sem B


上一段留言大致都講晒,我自己覺得呢個course同其他科真係好唔一樣,冇課文要背,上堂輕鬆,present亦都唔會好formal,可以講廣東話,主要係兩個Project真係要好花心機同時間,做嘅過程覺得好麻煩,但present完就覺得學到嘅野好有用。Ryan份人都算幽默,教書唔會悶,例如GoPro,3D printing同微動器嘅應用都好有趣。雖然要tick attendance,但遲成粒鐘都唔會有問題,因為次次都係落堂先tick。
整體黎講,呢科係讀得過,冇CM底或者Art底都唔緊要,用多d佢教嘅技巧就起碼B range.

2014/15 Sem B


This course is a very good course and I had really enjoyed it. The workload is not too heavy and the tutor Ryan Lam is very nice and helpful.

The grading of this course consists of three parts:
2 group projects (50%)
2 individual assignments (40%)
Attendance (10%)

Group Project:
The first one is to take a short video. The video can be about anything you like as long as you make use of the video taking techniques that Ryan has taught during the lectures. A GoPro will also be provided if you do not have a video camera, therefore you need not to worry about this part. Choosing groupmates with video taking or editing experience is a plus but it is not a must as Ryan is willing to take time to teach you.

The second group project is to make use of digital media to make an installment on a theme which is related to Chinese culture/festival (the theme might change every semester). Ryan will hold workshops to teach you how to make use of different forms of media. Once again, having groupmates with engineering background is not a must as Ryan is always willing to help.

For each of these projects, you will have to do a group presentation. The presentation is very hea, and Ryan allows you to present in Cantonese, English and Mandarin.

Individual Assignment:
The first assignment is a product design review. Ryan will post guidelines on how to do the assignment and offer some examples of past students work for you to do. You need to complete around 2-4 review of good/bad designs. I highly recommend you to choose designs that you have used before. This assignment is all about creativity since you can review anything you want (even a water bottle). There is no word limit to this assignment, but I personally have written around 1800 words.

The second assignment is exhibition/seminar review. During the semester, Ryan will suggest different exhibition and seminar for you to attend. It is expected that you attend 2-3 and also take some photos/videos from them to add into the review. Apart from that, Ryan will also post a template for the exhibition/seminar review onto Canvas if you do not know where to start. The expected number of words for this assignment is at least 1500 words.

You will have the whole semester to complete these two assignments. As for myself, I have completed them during the exam week, but it took me only 3 days. Still, I do not recommend you to deadline fight if you want an A range for this course.

Ryan allows 3 absents during the course. One absent will reduce your overall grade by 1%. If you really want an A, try not to have more than 1 absents. I have had three absents (1 with reason) and I only got an A-. For morning lecture, it's okay if you come to class an hour late as Ryan only takes attendance at the end of each class.

The course was very useful and not so difficult to follow. I highly recommend this course!