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GE1132 Mind, Brain and Language: How Are Beings Special?

Assessment Tasks
  • No Examination
  • With Quiz
  • With Individual report
  • With Group project
Offering semesters
2019/20 Sem A 2017/18 Sem A 2016/17 Sem B 2015/16 Sem A 2014/15 Sem B
Average workload
A+ (0)
A (0)
A- (2)
B+ (1)
B (0)
B- (2)
C+ (0)
C (0)
C- (0)
D (0)
Fail (0)
Dropped (0)

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2019/20 Sem A


19/20 semA 讀(佢冇得揀19/20)
分4部分計分: 每堂Quiz, midterm x1, Reading Report x1(因提早完sem,變咗bonus),exam(因提早完sem,取消了)

今年無Group Project :)

Quiz:每堂上完會測(佢會比紙你)(基本上係測即堂教完嗰部分),題目絕大部分係MC(除了reasoning),正常有留心聽書都識,今年唔識/唔記得 可以睇notes,我8份中有7份過mean。
Midterm: 題型同quiz差不多(絕大部分係MC),要背好熟溫熟,否則會混亂。過mean (mean:66.7/100)
Reading report(約3000字): Professor會畀一篇文你自己睇(文很長,有十幾版,要看至少幾日先明白篇文),佢會畀guideline教你點寫。我低過mean少少(mean:82.8/100)。

撇除exam,呢科係一科好好嘅Area 1 GE course,適合想自己一個讀GE,又唔會走堂嘅人。

2017/18 Sem A


唔計attendance, 比分極鬆手, quiz只有mc但都好難下好tricky. Assignment 有2份readings, 大約寫800-1000字,簡單既唔洗睇晒都寫到。Group experiments 都係2個,要presentation 但比分非常鬆,都唔洗點上網搵資料。極力推介依個GE比懶人 or year 1

2015/16 Sem A


2 group projects & presentations (30%) + 2 quizzes (40%)+ 2 assignments (30%)

The 2 group projects and presentations are easy and each requires you to conduct 1 experiment related to mindset and language and also analyse the result. The experiments were a colour experiment and a bilingual experiment. If your ideas and analysis are unique and well presented, you can get a high mark in this part. My group got 9X marks for each project.

The 2 quizzes are quite difficult though as many questions require you to apply the theories. So you can't just know the concepts, you have to understand them. Got 7X and 6X marks here.

For assignments, as mentioned in the previous comments, you have to read a paper and do a review on it respectively. The ideas presented in the 2 papers ("Thinking though languages” and “How language helps us think") are quite complicated but Dr. Law is really helpful and would guide you in the tutorials so don't skip them. I got 9X marks twice for the written assignments .

Dr. Law is really willing to help you if you have any problems or difficulties in understanding the concepts. A good course for learning language cognition!

2014/15 Sem B


The lectures mainly explore 3 parts: Visual system, Human Mind, Language. I think the content deals with human behaviour and some interesting concepts.

The workload of this course is quite low because it only requires little effort. For the quizzes (each 20%), it requires you to get familiar with the powerpoint slides and understand the application of those concepts. Presentations are really easy. You just need to prepare the powerpoint slides and read them through during the presentations. For the assignments, they require you to read some kinds of reading related to those he has taught in the lessons and you have to analyse and give some personal ideas in the essay. Remember that personal ideas and additional information on the Internet are more valuable than those words copied from the readings!

Paul is willing to answer your questions when you consult him with your assignments. However, if you want to get an A range, it requires at least 85 marks.

2014/15 Sem B


內容 :
Part1: Visual system, Part2: Human Mind, Part 3: Language

由於係GE既關係, 呢科都係教D基本概念。
Part 1: Anatomy of brain and visual system; Color perception and visual perception
Part 2: Problem-solving, Reasoning, Decision-making
Part3: The nature of language, Language and Culture

2 quizzes (40%)+ 2 assignments (30%) + 2 group projects & presentations (30%)。工作量冇得揀「稍多」呢一項,唯有揀「一般」啦。

2個小測都係MC, 7成照筆記問,剩返就係好似應用題咁問法;兩份Assignments都係叫你睇PAPER ,之後寫返1000字個人感受出黎。我果時要睇”Thinking though languages” 同 “How language helps us think”;group projects 係做關於visual system同埋reasoning既實驗,之後每次有10分鐘左右present。

唔拉curve,用計分制。 B- 係70-74.9分, 而A+ 要>95先有…..

絕對睇得出Dr. Law好比心機教呢一科, lecture教既內容算輕鬆,就算係初接觸既同學都理解得到。Quizzes同projects難度尚可,不過兩份Assignments絕對唔係入門級既功課….. sosad, 因為你對語言、心理呢兩範冇興趣會睇得好辛苦, 加上要時間去理解「思維」呢個抽象概念。個人認為呢兩份Assignments既難度係超越左一個GE course既程度。話雖如此, Dr. Law會係tutor抽時間好詳細解釋兩篇PAPER既內容。

佢唔派grade,因為個計分制行language dept. 果套, 所以算幾嚴格。雖然係dept. of language開, 但呢科對language既要求唔高,亦唔需要有語言學同心理學既底,有興趣既同學不妨一試。

利申:讀過 EL0200, Final year student of the dept. of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering