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GE1314 Ironman: The Art and Science of Robots in Our Society

Assessment Tasks
  • No Examination
  • With Quiz
  • With Individual report
  • With Group project
Offering semesters
2018/19 Sem B 2017/18 Sem B 2016/17 Sem B 2015/16 Sem B 2014/15 Summer 2013/14 Sem B 2012/13 Sem A
Average workload
A+ (5)
A (0)
A- (2)
B+ (0)
B (1)
B- (1)
C+ (1)
C (0)
C- (0)
D (0)
Fail (2)
Dropped (0)

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2018/19 Sem B


原先個course syllabus係冇exam嘅,上咗兩三堂之後話會加返個exam,有個group project,要設計一個robot同寫program,groupmate好緊要,成group人唔係學呢個area嘅嘢,好難做。

2016/17 Sem B


利申: 除左鍾意砌lego之外其他野都唔係太識

今個sem得17人讀,但因為小班好快就識到人同有group mate
主要講唔同既機械人同其他相關既資訊,eg. maker culture
砌機械人同去兩次field trip都好好玩,只不過當時個present project唔知頭唔知路咁是但過左
我地最後既成品好廢,同一班入面有人屈機,但係依然有靚grade,覺得Dr Ray係睇你對呢個topic既興趣同熱誠

上完呢個course對機械人呢個產業多左興趣,知多左呢個世界既潮流同發生既事,對high tech既野都多左認識
Dr Ray份人好好

2015/16 Sem B


Assessed Tasks:
10% In-class participation (都唔知有冇)
10% Assignment * 1
20% Presentation (incl. Peer Rating)
20% Project Report
20% Robot Demo (incl. Peer Rating)
20% Final Open-note Quiz

Group Project 為主既 GE course
第一堂, Instructor 會主動提同學仔試下搵唔同既 partner
分組 5 - 9 人, 唔可以全組人都係讀同一類別 major 既同學
比如全組人都係 engine 仔, 或者全組人都係 business 女

Project 分兩部分: Robot + Research Report

Robot: 要砌一個 EV3 既機械人
Research Report: 揀一個題目係同機械人有關, 做成個 Sem

係呢個 course, 識到好 Group mate 相當重要
唔識揼 code 既, 可以幫手砌 Robot, 寫 Report 或者拍片/剪片都得

個 course 好 chur, Instructor expect 每組同學個個禮拜都要有掂過個 Robot
作為返緊 placement 既同學, 表示後半 sem 個個禮拜要夜晚掂個 EV3 program 表示好辛苦

雖然拎到呢個 grade 係純粹好彩 ...
但係奉勸各位想讀呢個 course 既同學, 唔想咁 chur 既話唔好 reg 呢科 ...

2013/14 Sem B


成個Course 最煩係要一組整個robot, 好睇D groupmate 係讀咩科, 無Engine or 電腦底真係好難識寫programme
Quiz open book,,亦會有上堂講過既野,所以最好吾好走堂
Assignment 都好簡單,有上堂就識答,有D 仲係open-ended
presentation 好hea

2013/14 Sem B


2 individual assignment (10 question each)
Write more to present you are well prepare and want to finish the homework
For example at least 100 - 150 words for each question. Some of them i even wrote 400-500 depending what it asked. Mostly searching from Internet and recalling from notes and lectures

2 quiz (10 question each) (open notes)
which you write related to what Dr. Ray said in class you will get high marks
Quite limited time to finish the quiz but i write on all the lines it given on the answer paper

1 group project (Lego robot + midway present on Lego robot + demo of Lego robot + research topic presentation + research topic report)
Have quite a lot of time to build the Lego robot and we start from week 3-4, demo on week 12 and final present on week 14
Just write more than enough for the final report as Dr. Ray will mark it himself. Think deep and raise more criticisms on the research topic then you can get higher marks.

PS: Dr. Ray is very very kind which this course is very interesting if you like robot itself. He helped us all form groups in a 160 person lecture. He give suggestions to our Lego robot and research topic.

2013/14 Sem B


Assignment (10 short question ) x2
in-class quiz (10 short question ) x2
Group(up to 8 person):
Lego (design ,build and program+ present)
Case Study ( free to choose the topic) (present + report[4 pages/each person])
we have 3 lab section this semester and the rest of the time is lecture time
many video were played in lecture (around 2 hour per lecture ?)
but you have better attend the lecture because most of the quiz question were discussed during lecture
Dr Ray is kind and you can get good grade if you have good team mate
one of the free rider (free ride in both lego and case study part ) also got a range