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GE2106 Philosophy and Life: A Dialogue

Assessment Tasks
  • No Examination
  • With Quiz
  • With Individual report
  • With Group project
Offering semesters
2020/21 Sem A 2018/19 Sem B 2018/19 Sem A 2017/18 Sem B 2017/18 Sem A 2016/17 Sem B 2016/17 Sem A 2015/16 Sem B 2015/16 Sem A 2014/15 Sem B 2014/15 Sem A 2013/14 Sem A 2012/13 Sem A
Average workload
A+ (1)
A (3)
A- (1)
B+ (4)
B (2)
B- (1)
C+ (1)
C (0)
C- (0)
D (0)
Fail (1)
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2017/18 Sem A


no need to participate in class discussion to get good grades
ur arguments should be supported by explanations in ur essays and presentations
logic is important
for exams, quote Hektor's book if u have no clue
Hector is funny and charismatic

and think!

2018/19 Sem B


This semester only have is conducted online through zoom. But I still consider it as my favourate course this year.

In the course, the professor might present to you some surprising counter-intuitive ideas. Don't take what he said at face value. I think the purpose of the course is to inspire you to think for yourself and look for the answer yourself. You should look into the recommended readings or other material for the whole picture of the topic after finishing each lessons.

The professor is a very interesting person and have a good sense of humour. The lessons is fun. But the professor is also quite disagreeable and is willing to challenge your idea if he find any flaws. If you have a disagreement with him, you bloodly well make sure you have your head screwed on straight, and have good support for your idea. Otherwise, you will be flatten like you cannot believe. But I don't think disagreement would lead to a bad grade like some other student might have suggested.

This course, I would say that, It really deepen my understanding of philosophy, but you have to be willing to do research outside lesson for the optimal experience.

If you are fascinated with existential questions like, what is the meaning of life? This is probably the course for you.

2017/18 Sem A


利申:meet曬所有attendance 同交齊野,匯報比佢質完,fail左

2017/18 Sem A


要expect prof有好多爭議性嘅諗法,challange你嘅價值觀。

2017/18 Sem A


堂堂take attendance 加派notes
canvas只係用嚟交功課 你係睇唔返d野
同埋唔好諗住叫fd幫你take 有時無人答問題既佢會嗌名叫人答

1.一個open book test 但其實有notes都係比你睇返d concept

2.一個15-20 min present 講返有關學過或者其他哲學concept
好伏 要預備好不斷比人(包括tutor)問問題challenge你
要好清楚自己做緊乜 有d組比佢問到唔識答 我果組亦唔例外

3.大約week14/15(總知完左sem)再交一篇at least 1000字既essay 題目三揀一
可能我用心做 解晒題 引用多notes既野 寫靚個structure 先拉到個分
自己英文唔太好 真係無諗過會a range到,不過Hektor有講明睇content多過英文能力

2016/17 Sem B


1 Final test (8-10 compulsory short questions and choose 2 out of 3 long essay questions in 2 hours if I remember correctly)
1 Group Project (Presentations) Topics chosen from a list provided by the instructor
1 Essay regarding your project topic

If you reg this course and hope for constructive discussion in class, you may be disappointed.

The test:
The test is super difficult. You need to memorize everything from the lecture and the notes. Don't expect open-end questions in the test, only contents taught will be assessed. No critical thinking required, just recite the notes and you will succeed.

Group Project:
The topics are interesting. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to get a good grade as the main aim of the presentation is not to present your ideas, but to arouse discussion. To say that is a presentation, I would say that it's a discussion led by your group. Also, the duration requirement is quite high, 35 minutes minimum. However, Harris will give you a comprehensive comment after your presentation to help with your essay.

The topics must be the same as your presentation topic, but your thesis or the arguments or the example used can be different. You have 3 weeks to write your paper. The time is quite sufficient.

Overall, I won't recommend you to reg this course unless you are really interested in the topics.

2016/17 Sem A


topics such as death are really interesting, but it is only being slightly discussed in classes. Hence, dont expect too much. Besides, this course has no guideline on essays, assignments, etc. seems the lecturer also has no idea about what is going on. think before you reg this course.

2015/16 Sem B


If you are not very interested in philosophy, DON'T reg this course!!!
Too bored...(Guest lecturer is better)
And don't expect some deep discussions about life/death etc.

Present: based on topics about wt he taught, not difficult

Essays: based on same topic of the present, needa think deep

Final test: MUST revise!!!!!

Overall is quite good

But if you need to aim A range, better choose other ge.

2014/15 Sem A


呢科出名勁吾好 grade, 個 tutor 又諸多要求。其實有好多人 overall 都有 75% 以上,但個 mean 都係 B range.

2014/15 Sem B


little bit difficult for me who know nothing about philo but the topic is very interesting and inspiring

exam topic is similar to present topic

didn't do well in exam and presentation but still got satisfactory result

2014/15 Sem A



2012/13 Sem A