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GE2202 Globalization and Business

Assessment Tasks
  • With Examination
  • No Quiz
  • With Individual report
  • With Group project
Offering semesters
2018/19 Sem A 2017/18 Sem B 2017/18 Sem A 2016/17 Sem B 2016/17 Sem A 2015/16 Sem B 2015/16 Sem A 2014/15 Sem B 2014/15 Sem A 2013/14 Sem B 2013/14 Sem A 2012/13 Sem B 2012/13 Sem A 2011/12 Sem B 2011/12 Sem A
Average workload
A+ (0)
A (2)
A- (4)
B+ (3)
B (1)
B- (1)
C+ (1)
C (0)
C- (0)
D (0)
Fail (0)
Dropped (0)

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2015/16 Sem A


呢堂好多international ,local 好似得10個都無
每堂計attendance, 有exam, 1份individual report ,1 gp report and presentation
workload 都幾大, individual report at least 8 pages, gp report 又要at least 10 pages, present 輕鬆d gp 3 mins, individual also 3 mins
exam 考既好多堂上教過, 但有d都幾難

2014/15 Sem B


個course分左2 part 一part係e&f Isabel教 另一part係om Raymond教 多exchange student同gbsm讀 個syllabus算深(由其係e&f個部分) workload大 2份individual+1分group report 但exam簡單 背返哂d notes就ok 總括黎講係難但有野學

2013/14 Sem A


The workload for this course is quite heavy, esp. for the project. you have to write a individual report as well as a group report. Then, you have to take a video as an presentation for the individual and group report and the requirement for the video is quite troublesome. It is good if you have groupmates knowing how to handle video editing.
The group project of Sandy's part is quite easy and I was doing her part. Group Project is just choosing an industry and to do an analysis. Individual Project is to analysis a company in the industry that your group have selected. I think it is not an difficult task for business students. Isabel's part seems to be difficult.
For the course material, Sandy's part is just combining the business knowledge taught in CB's core subjects while Isabel's part requires some basic knowledge in Economics if you wanna fully understand her part.
One important point is that, the course takes attendance and it accounts for 20%. Sandy allows student to be late but you would only get a half for that lesson. For Isabel, if you are late more than 15-20 minutes, then it is better not to come as you would not get any for that lesson.

2013/14 Sem A


Sandy 主要係教有關marketing 既野 都幾簡單
但係Isabel 就主要係教 macro-economic 好複雜
本身中學冇讀過econ 上佢堂真係會catch up得幾辛苦 唔係幾聽得明

上Sandy堂幾乎每一堂都要in-class exercise 仲會隨機抽組出黎講
不過題目唔會話好難 識吹下水都ok
而isabel每堂都要好準時 遲15分鐘就唔比你take attendance
attendance+class participation計20% 所以真係要返足

project方面 isabel份project仲多野做過我全部core加埋
又要group 又要individual 仲要錄埋片比佢

不過exam都幾straight forward.
revision class佢地有同我地go through 左部分問題

2013/14 Sem A


真心是伏, 唔走得堂,assignments 同 project好難,又要溫書考試,付出很多但grade很差。
呢科兩個lecturer教, 冇得走堂,每堂attendence都計分。
Sandy 個part簡單d, 冇econ底都會明。但堂堂要即堂成組做ppt出去present,
Isabel 個part 難好多, 有讀過econ 都未必識。
有exam, 兩篇individual essays 加 一份group project, 半班跟sandy, 半班Isabel, 跟Isabel 就慘d, 題目難好多。
最煩係individual essays同 group project 都要自己拍video for oral presentation
Exam 雖然唔難,但堅係要完全背足晒notes加examples 先高分。
自己project 係跟Isabel,雖然題目係難,但無論individual 定project, 自問自己同組員都花左好多時間做research, 好比心機咁做,考試又有認真溫書,但係咁都得B真係灰左,真係唔知佢點比分。

2012/13 Sem B


Sandy好好人,好肯幫學生,Isabel 雖然都肯,但就冇Sandy咁好,同埋黑面程度高…
功課係非Q之常繁重,包括有堂上玩命即做Presentation Powerpoint、個人功課、小組功課(寫到你氣咳都未寫完)、Project Presentation、考試,上堂又好Q悶,不過如果你同大陸學生一齊讀同做,佢地Free-ride嘅機率較低。

2012/13 Sem A


有Final (open-ended questions), 不過佢會比埋past paper你做
同埋有唔少exchange student讀呢班, 想識外國friend不妨add