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GE2246 Changing Our Society: Turning Social Problems into Business Opportunities

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2016/17 Sem A 2015/16 Sem A
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2015/16 Sem A


Students’ assignments: Guidelines
1. Individual reflective journal (with a maximum of 800 words): Based on case sharing from TWO guest lectures, students are required to submit one piece of reflective journal about their views on the visions and strategies adopted by the government, non- governmental organizations and/or social enterprises in addressing unmet social needs, and discuss the extent to which the spirit of social entrepreneurship helps make our society better and stronger [**Date of submission: 18 Oct. 2016 (Week 8)]
2. Group project presentation and report
Task 1 (Week 2): Project grouping and select one social group for study
Task 2 (Week 3 / 4): Identifying social problems /social needs encountered by one social group
Explain how if these social needs can be addressed eventually benefit to the specific social group and the community as a whole?
Explore the existing coping strategies initiated by the government, non-governmental organizations, and/or private sectors addressing social needs of your selected social group.
Identify strengths and weaknesses of these coping strategies.
Task 3 (Week 5 / 8): Social enterprise: Coping strategies addressing social needs
Discuss what problems do your selected social enterprise aim to address and how – e.g. the extent to which the SE creates social value: individual and societal values (e.g. Food waste vs. Homeless, hunger and unemployment); social and economic empowerment; and/or community-based development
Identify key challenges the social enterprise encountered
Suggest your recommendations on how the social enterprise can improve on its
Task 4 (Week 9): Refine the focus of your study: A brief outline with relevant references
Each group of students should provide the targeted SE with a brief background introduction (e.g. SE webpage or e-copy of leaflet) for circulation (via Canvas).
All students should grasp the brief introduction before group presentation sessions.
Task 5 (Week 12 / 13): Group presentation (15 minutes) and moderation (5 minutes)
Key highlights: Target population of SE and its main services; social values creation;
strengths and weaknesses; and recommendations
**Group report submission (3,000 words): All students are required to submit their group reports two week after their group presentation.
Due dates: 29.11.2016 (Presentations at Week 12)
06.12.2016 (Presentations at Week 13)