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GE2253 Real Estate Development: Principles and Process

Assessment Tasks
  • No Examination
  • With Quiz
  • With Individual report
  • With Group project
Offering semesters
2017/18 Sem A 2016/17 Sem A 2015/16 Sem A
Average workload
A+ (2)
A (0)
A- (1)
B+ (4)
B (0)
B- (0)
C+ (0)
C (0)
C- (0)
D (0)
Fail (0)
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2016/17 Sem A


Mei Yung is a very terrible teacher, does not allow students use computer in class. It is obvious that she is a racist because she allows exchange students to eat in the class and local students are not allowed to do so. Always pick on students who she consider "does not behave well" in class, so immature of her as a teacher.

2016/17 Sem A


Xiaowei Luo 負責lesson1-3 and flied trip,主要講real estate finance
Mei Yung Leung 負責lesson 4-6,主要講feasibility study
Ivan Fung負責lesson 7-13, 主要講construction issue

Individual assignment 1: Week 4-6,叫你分析China real estate property market(1000字)
Individual assignment 2: Week 8-10,叫你描述下construction quality measurement(1000字)
Individual report: Week5-12,叫你分析Hong Kong residential housing problem(1000字)
In class Test 1: Week 7,考lesson 1-6 d野,有MC and fill in the blank.
In class Test 2: Week 12,考lesson 7-12 d野,只有MC
Group Project report: Week 6-13,分組5-6人,自己做自己果part(1000字)

一開始見到係ACE department嘅course以為學到civil野,點知成個course完全係LS同Econ.,對Engine仔簡直係地獄。另外有一次flied trip去華潤大廈,同埸有另一班MBE一齊去(我心諗: 呢個course擺到明就係business野,但點解係ACE department 開呢??) 加上好L多coursework,個course d野又好難明,上堂完全唔知佢講緊咩;可能有好嘅LS, Econ.底,又鍾意寫文嘅人會讀得好輕鬆

Project全靠同組2個Year 4 Journalism and 2個Year 3 Engine人carry先至比較容易; D assignment 就盡力做好佢,比心機寫essay; In class test其實好簡單,有溫書就一定識答。本人建議少d野做嘅sem先好reg,唔係就做L死自己!
Year One ACE

2015/16 Sem A


Some materials are useful in many fields and the teacher is really kind.

However we students agree that the workload is too heavy for a GE course (but still workable if you really give much effort) and there is lack of student-teacher interactivity in the class.