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GE2260 Introduction to Finance

Assessment Tasks
  • No Examination
  • No Quiz
  • No Individual report
  • No Group project
Offering semesters
2020/21 Sem B 2020/21 Sem A 2019/20 Sem A 2018/19 Sem B 2018/19 Sem A
Average workload
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A (0)
A- (1)
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2019/20 Sem A


19/20 semA 讀
Inclass assignment : 通常最尾嗰個鐘做,自己做完在canvas交,有難度,唔識請上堂&問附近的同學&google。
Midterm x1: 前面幾條計數(有條溫熟都唔一定識,有難度,自己搵咗D額外練習做先大概識),後面一大堆mc(簡單,溫熟嘅都應該識)。Mean: 35.1/70 我:60/70 (今個sem好似話有40幾就A range(淨計midterm))
Group project: 今個sem 7-9人一組買股票、債券等等方法投資,要整pt,同present(提早完sem,取消了present,淨交pt),你最好要做D嘢
1. 搵同系嘅人一組(時間方便,佢唔會失蹤到)
2. 組員有人買過股票,對股票有認識(無都無所謂,professor 會教如roe,pe係咩)
3. 搵sources,睇下上年/上個sem讀嘅同學的pt大概點做!!!
4. 上足lecture, 睇清楚你groupmate 整咗咩出黎,否則你/你groupmate 整咗堆垃圾出來你都唔知!


2018/19 Sem A


非常有用的course,professor很好人,教書質量高(ps. 本人yr3)
project 自己一個人做,workload不算大,而且實用

總結而言,因為系non-bba course,感覺d野好簡單

2018/19 Sem A


In-class exercise during tutorial hours, only count the best 6 or 8 times (1% every time), students can discuss or ask the lecturer for tips or even ask the lecturer to put off the submission ddl
1 mid-term test, only for lecture 1-5, super easy
A group presentation using the hypothetical investment record, no format required
1 final exam, harder than mid-term

Non-financial Calculator is allowed, formula sheet will be provided in the midterm test as well as the final exam
Only did the examples and exercise sent from the lecturer would be enough to get good grades hahah
But I am not sure whether it is because that this course was just opened this sem