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GE2304 Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Young Professionals

Assessment Tasks
  • No Examination
  • With Quiz
  • No Individual report
  • With Group project
Offering semesters
2018/19 Sem B 2017/18 Sem B 2016/17 Sem B 2015/16 Sem B 2015/16 Sem A 2013/14 Sem B 2012/13 Sem B 2011/12 Sem B
Average workload
A+ (1)
A (3)
A- (2)
B+ (4)
B (2)
B- (2)
C+ (4)
C (0)
C- (1)
D (1)
Fail (0)
Dropped (1)

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2017/18 Sem B


Dr. Sun is a very passionate teacher who is willing to inspire students.
However, I think the grades really depend on the "creativity" of your work and your groupmates' efforts. If you are lucky, you can get a higher grade.
In general, this course helps you know more about innovation and stuff, like intellectual property rights.

2016/17 Sem B


Fairly speaking, the grading of this ge course is better than my expectation ( because of the previous comments).

To get a fair good grade of this course, I recommend you to do the following:

1. Actively participate in the group activities. Though there is no attendance taking in the lecture, performing good in the group activities can make your group stands out among others

2. Group project is the most important part. Your product idea (originality and implementation) is the essence of the project. Do a thorough product research to ensure your product is an innovative one.

3. Final exam is not difficult, just make sure you follow the lectures and fully understand the main model explained by Dr Sun.

Overall, the workload of this course is light and it is more important to get the whole group involved in the project. When designing the product, the product feasibility is as important as the innovation part.

2015/16 Sem A


I took this course because my tight schedule. I thought this course should be boring, however, it was funny and enjoyable. Dr Sun presented his lesson in a interesting way by implementing games and inviting guests for speech. I enjoyed such class interaction.

The group project was done by 8 members. To be honest, the workload was relatively light, since many group mates shared it. The final exam was easy and I didn't take much time on it.

2015/16 Sem B


Hello, students,

I am Dr HY Sun. Feedback to some comments.

1) Group project only occupies 40%, that is why not every got the same grades in the same group. If a student got a lower score, he/she might be week in other parts.

2) Peer assessment is only 10%! If you work, no need to worry. Only a few students were punished by this peer assessment since they are really lazy.

3) Some feel the workload is light, some OK, some heavy. It all depends how much efforts you want to put.

This year, UGC provide HK$15000 support to this course for video presentation and business plan competition. Welcome to join and enhance your innovation and entrepreneruial capability. No matter what you will do in the future, it is always useful to know what the bosses are doing and thinking.

Dr Sun
Course leader

2015/16 Sem A


我本身讀Social Science ,有兩個師姐介紹我讀,佢地讀完呢個Course,因為做project的個題目係設計新產品,佢地設計左個奶樽,其他人都覺得好有潛力,所以支持佢地拎專利。
講真,有D GE Hea讀係好Grade,但學唔到D咩,呢個Course有可以學下做生意同寫business plan。我部project 設計左對鞋,同D組人雖然辛苦 D,但學到好多專利同Business concept。

2012/13 Sem B


1 Group Pj + 1 Presentation

課堂: 唔take attendance, 內容無聽過而且同Gp Pj無關, Dr. Sun會upload每堂ppt, 每堂最後會留1HR俾你討論Gp pj

分組: Dr. Sun分組, 但你可以申請tran組, In case你識人想一組, 可以的話盡量避免同exchange student一組, 多數free ride

Gp pj and Preaentation: 發明一個Creative既產品, 再做strategic plan. 唔使做Written Report, only Presenation only. Presentation會由Dr. Sun同一個Entrepreneur評分, 邊個present可以自己決定

總結: 課堂好free又可以走堂, workload非常輕鬆, 我爛grade係因為我拍free rider, 自己又懶, 如果有心做好strageric plan, 好grade唔難, Dr. Sun好人亦肯俾意見, 佢自己本身好似都有10幾項專利喺手, 佢講書應該悶, 對ppt照讀(我無專心聽過), 仲有內地教授講英文,唔多唔少有口音.

2013/14 Sem B


自問唔係聰明人,所以拎到B已經好心足。DR SUN 個人好NICE,上堂氣氛好好。但GROUP PROJECT 唔可以自由分組,要我同其他系GE 人同組。上課GE教埋FINANCIAL PLAN,同組的同學有心創業就覺得有好,可以寫一份創業計劃書,又比意見我地去改善。但我無咩心創業又係讀SCIENCE GE 我就覺得悶悶地。總算明白創業唔容易。
大家可以試下GA....WORKLOAD 唔算好多。

2013/14 Sem B




呢科應該開係AREA 2

成組扮自己係一間好PRO既公司 BBA人有利得多

2013/14 Sem B




peer evaluation大過一切 無論你有比幾多EFFORT都好
你個組員一比個低少少既分你 你就88
100滿分 有人比90分你都只係B-
聽閒有組10人1個A- 幾個B- 其他幾乎全部C哂
你真係要由頭跟到尾 DRAFT你做 SURVEY你做 PPT都係你做
咩TASK你都有份做 先叫A

仲要唔俾D人比同組人同一個分 否則FAIL你


2013/14 Sem B


工作量唔多 唔吃力
我有啲GRP MATE比我更用心更努力

2013/14 Sem B


peer evaluation就是一切, 無視當中努力的成果
一組人(~10人左右) 去完成一份powerpoint+ present
大家workload相若,workload平均分配,各司其職, 為何最後個grade可以差別咁大?

一堂lecture 3小時, 可以2小時左右就走得
仲有堂所謂tutor 係廢, 無一堂需要返 搞到個schedule大失預算
lecturer早放 學生可以早走 大家固然開心
諗住上呢堂GE可以輕鬆學習 點知最後比分個機制係咁不公

一組有不同能力既人 個project要我地發揮創意 製造產品去解決日常生日遇到既問題
一組要互相合作,互相配合先可以完成一個pj , 到最後原來個peer evaluation決定個分
咁唔通要乜都攬哂上身, 乜都負責既學生先叫做A grade學生? 不如唔洗分組啦
每人做個individual work 得啦..DLLMCH
平時上堂打哂飛機 又話自己個科幾咁成功 幾咁有創意, 呸!

2013/14 Sem B


I am the lectuers of GE2304! In semester B 2013/2014, 7% of the students failed in this course! Some are not happy with their grades. Even explained many times, some students still assume (or try to argue) that every body will get the same scores in the group. In fact, the grades are very different based on peer assessment of individual contribution. To prevent friends try to be in the same group and help each other's assessment, teams were divided by lecturers randomly. No students can choose group by themselves. After a few years' testing, the assessment will be even more strict in the coming year.

Although interesting and inspiring to many students, free riders and lazy students will have a difficult life in this course.

2013/14 Sem B


如果自問唔係好 active 就唔好reg

Dr sun 認真有問題 , that on9 peer evaluation can KILL You and seems your effort is not being rewarded !!!!!!!!

If you are sure to be the best groupmate / leader in the group, that would be a good choice


2012/13 Sem B


Dr Sun don't require student to go lecture every week, the whole course is just doing a presentation at the end of semester. The presentation isn't harsh, so it is so relaxing.

2012/13 Sem B


唯一要做既係同GROUPMATES打好關係 因為組員間自己會比分
同一組個RANGE可以大到A- TO C-