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GE2404 Asian Literature in English

Assessment Tasks
  • No Examination
  • With Quiz
  • With Individual report
  • No Group project
Offering semesters
2017/18 Summer 2017/18 Sem B 2017/18 Sem A 2016/17 Summer 2016/17 Sem B 2016/17 Sem A 2015/16 Summer 2015/16 Sem B 2015/16 Sem A 2014/15 Summer 2014/15 Sem A 2013/14 Summer 2013/14 Sem A 2012/13 Sem A
Average workload
A+ (0)
A (3)
A- (6)
B+ (7)
B (3)
B- (2)
C+ (2)
C (1)
C- (0)
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2017/18 Sem A


A very good course. The teacher (Mark) is very friendly and clearly explains the requirement of the course. It is a 100% course-work domain

The grade distribution
a) 3 Quizzes (3x10% each)- 30%
b) Close analysis of an essay (20%)
c) Compare/Contrast Essay (30%)
d) Class participation/Attendance (10%)
e) Group presentation (very easy) - 10%

However, reading is compulsory in this course, and you can not survive without it (15 - 20 pages per week), but you will definitely enjoy them. They are just brilliant pieces of Literature. I strongly recommend this course


2016/17 Sem B


I am not sure whether Airlie Heung had prepared for her classes. She often seemed too unprepared for the topics she was going to teach.

She had to teach Han Kang's works but failed to identify some essential Korean cultural traits conveyed in the story. She does not know there is democratic election in South Korea and the dynamic social movements that brought about the social changes; she taught Shirley Lim's poetry on HK's Umbrella Movement but missed out the minute details as to why the protesters became disunited like 'pieces of puzzles'.

I wished I had a teacher who treasured her students' time.

2016/17 Sem B


Airlie is NOT a good teacher she doesn't understand what she herself is teaching. she is bad at English, therefore, does not understand what you have written in the essays even if it is right.
course work is heavy you have to read book excerpts of about 50-100 pages each of boring literature on which you're quizzed every 2/3 weeks. THe quizzes are tough.
There's also a group project in the end in which Airlie expects you to do something that contradicts the guidelines that she herself has set!

2016/17 Sem B


Airlie Heung doesn't seem to know literature well. She did not offer useful advice nor comment except for 'Good topic sentence'. When students disagree with her ideas, she considers it wrong without thinking about their argument and examples drawn from the text.

A Waterloo graduate of Literature!!!

2016/17 Sem B


本身DSE Eng 5*, UE 都有A- ... 但好可惜就係誤信左指南所講嘅嘢,揀左呢個大伏tutor!真心想靚grade 唔好揀佢!條友真係完全冇qualifications 教呢個course!堂堂照PPT 讀,放break丶落堂第一個自己推門走!最可笑係有一次佢仲講話有問題記得要即時問佢,但講完呢句唔夠2秒就已經閃左人,心諗點問?除咗冇教學熱誠,仲要冇類連雨傘運動嘅基本背景都唔知,要學生教返佢轉頭!功課consult 佢就hea up 當秘笈,真心唔知點解佢可以做到teaching fellow。總之,想靚grade就全萬咪揀!

2016/17 Sem B



呢科3個quizzes,一個group presentation,兩篇assignments。每個禮拜都要睇reading,都係一d近代亞洲作者寫既英文小說節錄出黎既短篇故事,唔會好難,部份幾好睇。Quizzes都係考番佢俾既readings,有d似中學閱讀理解。Assignments同presentation都係分析番d readings,俾分幾鬆手。上堂除左聽作者生平、作品分析、教文學概念詞、小組討論,仲會睇吓戲,雖然聽書有d悶,但其實又幾有趣(好矛盾)。

Tutor Airlie係加拿大籍華人,係個幾後生既visiting fellow,經驗應該唔算豐富但幾好人。可以email佢consult,佢都會肯俾意見。如果對文學有興趣,不妨試吓呢個course。

2016/17 Sem B


Hea 教
Hea 改

識文學嘅人會睇得出 Airlie 無乜料,連基本概念都搞唔清楚

Cut cost係咁㗎喇,呢種無經驗、無heart又無水準嘅,夠慳錢嘛

學唔到嘢 Who cares?


2016/17 Sem B


想爛Grade, 緊識揀 Airlie Heung 啦。
你以為佢竹昇啦,因為佢聲稱自己係Canadian Native, 個真相係佢根本喺香港讀一間本地中學,考過會考Alevel,仲係讀BU嘅。咁點解一個喺香港生活咁多年嘅人會唔清楚香港選舉制度呢?呢個只係佢缺乏一般常識嘅例子。
講真,教一班半班啲學生成績差,可能真係學生渣囉,但係如果佢教咩班都係成績差,咁係代表咩呀?唔係嚴囉,係佢無料到,提升唔到學生能力淨係識 「彈」。
總之爛grade 首選係 Airlie。我見好多同學嘅quiz, 有零分,通常三分 (十分滿分)。

2016/17 Sem A


Airlie Maria Heung does not respect student's ideas on literature. Airlie Heung does not like teaching, Airlie does not read your work with any patience. Airlie Heung is not as encouraging as other professors. I have had a very bad learning experience with Airlie Heung. I feel regret for choosing her class.

Airlie thinks the grade is everything. When students tell her that she may improve the quality of her feedback or teaching she thinks that it is only because of the grades. Her attitude is disappointing

2016/17 Sem A


Airlie Heung does not like teaching.
Airlie Heung has poor knowledge on writing and literature but she teaches about Shakespeare and literature. She replaces the renowned good teacher Colin and Katrina.
Airlie Heung discourages creativity and critical thinking. She does not discuss with students, she simply gives you a bad grade if she disagrees.
Airlie Heung offers the useless comments because she does not have a solid foundation.
Airlie Heung only offers bad grades.

Airlie Heung studied at a secondary school in Tai Po and BU in Hong Kong. She got her master degree from Waterloo U in Canada. Airlie's teaching is old-fashioned, one-way with little interaction. Her conservative attitude towards critical thinking causes problems in classrooms.

If you want to learn something from a class, need some more confidence in English and Literature, look forward to a positive and encouraging class -- Ditch her classes.

Choose other teachers. You pay for your school fee so you deserve a decent education.

2016/17 Sem A


In the very first class, Airlie shows that she does not understand the basic concept of Said's orientalism.

第一堂,Airlie就已經表現出佢唔識一個好基本嘅概念: 「東方主義」。

Asian Literature is written from the Asian perspectives, part of it is to be critical of the prejudice and values that are imposed on the Asian and Asian culture. Orientalism is a basic tool for making criticism, but she does not even know what it is.


Many professors and instructors of literature tell you about the importance of multiple interpretation. But Airlie does not seem to appreciate it at all. She will dismiss your interpretation as wrong even if are able to offer clear explanation, example and evidence from the text.


In university, you try not to write like a secondary school student. But then, with Airlie, you have to write in that style. Because she does not have a solid background knowledge about literature, you will be expected to state the obvious again and again

讀到大學你可能唔想寫嘢好似中學生咁。不過唔好意思,你俾得Airlie教你就要寫嘢寫到好似中學生咁,你千祈唔好以為大部份教授、Instructors接受嘅寫法,Airlie會睇得明。Airlie係要你將最低b, 最簡單嘅嘢都畫公仔畫出腸咁去寫。佢要嘅係搬字過紙,個題目問乜你個答案一定要有果個keyword。仲有,你唔好有自己想法,你要設去搵到佢對每篇文章嘅理解,要同佢一樣,唔係佢會當你錯。唔係學生能力問題,係佢嘅基礎知識好弱,佢無能力睇得明。

For quizzes, be careful, she does not read your answers very carefully. She does not even feel she is responsible for the questions she has set. For examples, she asks for 'literary devices' of a poem without stating clearly how many she wants. If you write all of them, she will consider you wrong. Unbelievable? Yes! I was pretty shocked too. She will tell you that 'what I want is A & B' but you write 'C & D'. Even if the literary devices that you enlist are all from the text with examples, she just gives you zero mark.

The best policy is to ask her as many questions as possible during quizzes. For example: how many examples does she require? Which wordings from the text are expected to analyse?

呢科有三次quizzes,你要小心。因為佢改卷係亂嚟。佢完全唔會小心睇你嘅答案啦,又唔會諗下自己set 問題嘅用字係咪唔清楚。一係你測驗果陣問得非常清楚: 「妳係想要呢一句嘅邊幾個字嘅literary devices?」如果唔係呢,就算你寫咗一啲啱嘅嘢,只要唔係佢想要佢就話你錯。


Don't think that you will get an A from her only because you never have problems with other professors or instructors. Because she does not have the similar academic levels and openness, she will belittle your works.


2015/16 Sem B


A good course to register if you like reading (and analysing) stories.
The stories are interesting and related to different Asian cultures.
The classes are not "chur" at all but you get to read stories, chat and watch some clips. Quite relaxing

3 Quizzes (10% each):
Marks - 8.5, 7.5 and 9.5
Easy if you read the stories at least twice and mark down the interesting details. Would be even better if you analyse a bit beforehand

Close analysis (20%):
Marks - 73
Analyse the story elements (e.g. plot, characters) with its theme

Compare and contrast paper (30%):
Marks - 72
Compare two stories (not the one you chose for close analysis) in terms of theme, plot, characters etc.

Group presentation (10%):
Marks - 85
A story would be assigned to each group and you need to interpret it in a creative way. Kinda like to rewrite the ending. Our group made a video for the presentation. Also, you need to do a close analysis presentation of the story.
It was fun!

Participation (10%):
Not sure about how this part was graded
Maybe through attendance?

Don't miss it if you love reading stories and are eager to know more about Asian cultures
Jenna is a good and friendly tutor and she is willing to answer all your questions

2015/16 Sem A


Zach is nice and funny. Workload is not very heavy. Quizzes are quite straightforward as long as you read and memorize main plot and characters. Essays need some work but not hard at all.

2014/15 Sem A


選呢科係因為見無gp work(雖然上完第一堂先知變左有,不過唔緊要),而且workload似乎比其他英文courses少,所以選佢

雖然佢個名係叫asian lit.但係讀完我覺得同LIT無咩關係,至於點解叫asian lit,係因為佢的readings係由asian writers去寫或者同asia有關,就算唔熟asia都得,因為佢會解釋個寫作bg...我初頭都怕handle唔到,但其實上堂真係好輕鬆(我無讀過lit),每次上堂前佢都會叫你睇左篇文先,佢有好多唔同類型的,例如有drama,poem,short stories,novel(但我其實都無點睇就去上堂,有時要),佢上堂會用ppt講返個故事bg,或者上堂俾我地discuss,好輕鬆^^佢好鍾意share佢的生活,亦好鼓勵我地share我地的想法佢知,佢會好+ve咁回應返我地...

有3個quiz(3x10%),D 故事好短 十幾頁 但要記下D details,因為有問故事入面俾左咩e.g. ,除左第2個quiz比較難,俾分都幾鬆...

sem中那份係close-analysis(20%),每堂佢都會教你點分析唔同的文體,唔好以為好難,其實好易,都係中學會學到的野...例如作者點編排D情節,點塑造個人物....你可以選其中幾個佢教的criteria去分析點帶出個故事想講的theme (佢有sample paragraph俾你睇下人地點分析)
sem尾那份叫compare and contrast(30%),呢份你可以選同一份readings的唔同chapters/stories/poems或者唔同readings的chapter/stories/poems,亦可以用兩份唔同readings整體去分析,但唔可以用返close-analysis你選過的那份readings...你要選一個theme去分析,例如兩篇stories點睇family/love/marriage
*Y-Dang係native speaker,佢執grammar執得緊,佢改篇文時真係會逐句同你改grammar,第一份paper我做得唔多好,第二份paper我用email consult佢,佢幫我改左唔少野,最尾出來個成績好得多(我都好相信係呢份paper幫我拉返個A-range返黎,btw paper佢係俾分的,唔係俾grade的),所以如果有時間,好建議去consult佢;呢兩份paper唔洗點做ref.,有少少in-text citation就ok

最後完sem有個present (10%),佢幫你分組,非常mini,睇一個佢assign的故仔(都係十幾頁),然後你可以選擇去用任何方法去演譯佢出來,例如interview,drama,你可以改編個故事都得,總之表達你覺得個故事講左D咩就得,真係好簡單,完左present之後佢會email俾返comment你

Participation(10%)班上有人好積極,但我想我全個sem舉手講野得6-7次,不過Y-Dang佢知我地會怕羞,佢鼓勵我地send email同佢share feelings/exp.,佢都當participation mark(我地班真係有人咁做)

last week唔洗上堂,佢俾我地用呢堂去佢office consult佢有關份paper點做;sem中間都有一個week唔洗上堂,因為有hk lit festival,我地去左CMC聽talk(但如果你有事做,可以同Y-Dang講,唔去都得,因為那日係星期六,佢話佢都明唔一定個個都得閒)

Y-Dang真係超級好人,知道我地忙,就俾我地遲交份compare and contrast paper一個week,而且佢最後一堂重買左個蛋糕俾我地全班食(我地初頭以為佢生日,所以放break之後拎左個蛋糕入黎XD),食完重同我地全班影相,之後upload左上bb俾我地down返XD我地全班都好鍾意佢!!!!!

2014/15 Sem A


Zach never had any serious or deep discussion in the class. During the 13 weeks in the course, he spent less than half of the time on teaching. If you are interested in literature and yearning to learn more about it, please don't take this course or you'll regret wasting your treasurable time, and limited credit.

2013/14 Summer


Zach is really nice and humorous and always fully prepared for the classes. He always tries to convey the difficult literature terms in an easy way and never gives up on any of the students in the class. This course itself is interesting also. If you like reading and writing this is one you definitely do not want to miss. Do pick Zach's section if it's available.

2013/14 Sem A


3 reading quizzes (30%) - very straightforward, should be able to score high marks as long as you have read all the readings
2 essays (40%) - show Elizabeth your draft first, her comments are very useful
Weekly Journals (20%)
In class participation marks (10%)

Elizabeth 好 nice 同 helpful,好鼓勵學生答問題
Overall 學到好多嘢 值得揀!

2013/14 Sem A




Essay 就辛苦少少,印象中有篇要寫成800字,
寫theme 同做Compare & contrast,覺得做得好辛苦....

幾乎每個Week 都要寫Journal,
但我聽同學講另一個tutor 反而冇咩點俾journal學生做

不過Journal 個分就俾得鬆手,

鐘意睇書/ Literature 既同學應該會enjoy讀呢科