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GE3106 Documentary and Everyday Urban Life

Assessment Tasks
  • No Examination
  • No Quiz
  • With Individual report
  • With Group project
Offering semesters
2018/19 Sem A 2017/18 Sem B 2015/16 Sem A
Average workload
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A (1)
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2018/19 Sem A


I highly recommend this class. The prof. is really nice and the class is fun. A lot of international and exchange students take this course. We took field trips and watched videos in class and talked about some really interesting topics. As long as you can write and talk, you can do well in this course.

Inequality Assignment = 20%. You make google map with some pics and a bit of writing. Group project
Personal Maps (2a) or City Blog (2b) =20%. 1000 words, not too bad
Documentary = 45%. Can be a group project, you can film on your phone
Missions & Games & Participation = 15%