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GE3108 Language in Art, Invention and Inspiration

Assessment Tasks
  • No Examination
  • No Quiz
  • No Individual report
  • No Group project
Offering semesters
2020/21 Sem B 2020/21 Sem A 2018/19 Sem B 2018/19 Sem A
Average workload
A+ (0)
A (0)
A- (2)
B+ (1)
B (0)
B- (0)
C+ (0)
C (0)
C- (0)
D (0)
Fail (0)
Dropped (0)

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2018/19 Sem B


19/20 sem b
powerpoint recording mostly, no class, but he is very helpful
analysis on famous poems, metaphors, scientific essays, political speeches, law cases....
3-4 short essays (200-300 words)
2 exam (open book, easy)
1 term paper (analyse a piece of writing ~800 words)
It was overall very enjoyable! Recommended

2018/19 Sem A


The teacher was very helpful. The content might be a bit advance, but it would not be too difficult for those who paid attention in class. The midterm quiz and exam were quite easy too (open book).
If you love linguistics, keep calm and take it!

2018/19 Sem B


continuous participation 20% 只要你肯按時交200幾字assignment 就有分
Mid term 20%
Exam 40%
全部都係open book, 理解能力ok同對文學(?)有興趣基本ok
Term paper 20% 800字essay 唔sure接下來係唔係出會出翻同一個,類似用上堂教過的知識來分析poem/firm script/novel

我覺得個GEok,prof好nice,本人year one bba,英文dse Lv.4 writing 得Lv.3 對於我來講對個grade 都幾滿意(因為我英文真心差),理解能力好同對語言學有興趣的同學可以試一試。