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GE4103 Technologies in Art, Science and Everyday Life

Assessment Tasks
  • No Examination
  • With Quiz
  • With Individual report
  • No Group project
Offering semesters
2020/21 Sem A 2018/19 Sem A 2017/18 Sem B 2014/15 Sem B 2014/15 Sem A 2013/14 Sem B
Average workload
A+ (0)
A (1)
A- (1)
B+ (0)
B (0)
B- (0)
C+ (1)
C (0)
C- (0)
D (0)
Fail (0)
Dropped (0)

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2018/19 Sem A


Nice course, not heavy.
2 easy quizzes
several small reports (assignments)
and final research essay (max 3500 words)
The teacher is very nice and understandable.
If you like philosophical discussions, take this course)

2018/19 Sem A


Nice course if you like philosophical discussions about the role of technology in your daily/academic life. Really good teacher that understands and helps you anytime. The workload is okay, not heavy. No group projects and exams.
A few exams (easy)
Technological diary
Technological diary(choosing 1 from each area and writing about it)
Excursion Report (trip)
Final project (essay)